REFACTR.TECH 2021 Aug. 18th – 20th, 2021

REFACTR.TECH is all about growing and showcasing powerful voices of marginalized people and allies in tech. For three days, REFACTR.TECH focuses on technology while creating a safe space or thoughtful and nuanced conversations around diversity, inclusion, and intersectionality in tech. We offer a combination of workshops, keynotes, and track sessions to expand knowledge, hone technical skills, and make important connections. We also have a dedicated career fair to connect hiring companies and technical professionals.

With the uncertainty around COVID-19, we want all of our participants to know that your health is our highest priority. 2021 will be an online event to ensure the highest level of safety.

If you purchased a ticket to the 2020 REFACTR.TECH you automatically have a ticket to our online event in 2021 as well as a ticket to our June 8-10, 2022 in-person event. If you purchased a ticket for 2020 and your email address has changed, please let us know via an email to


Aug. 18th – 20th, 2021
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Join us online, over 3 days; each day we'll kick-off at 12noon Eastern for insightful keynotes, educational track talks and social events. Each day will have a specific track:

- Wednesday, Software Engineering
- Thursday, Product, UX/UI & Accessibility
- Friday, Career & Leadership

Career Fair on Tuesday, August 17, 2021 included in your ticket.


A workshop for UI and Angular beginners alike. Let's pull down the Tour of Heroes app (written by John Papa and found throughout the Angular docs) and give it a UI upgrade! All you will need is a laptop and your favorite data set (mine, of course, will be ponies.)

Dive into the Tour of Heroes demo application like never before!
Learn about integrating SASS into your Angular Project.
Learn how to include a Component Library into your Project. (We will be using Kendo UI but the principles to implement a UI Library are pretty universal.)
Play around with customizing styles and writing custom CSS from scratch.
Go over UI/UX principles and implement them on the fly.
Take part in UI challenges throughout the Workshop and win prizes!

Speaker BIO: Alyssa Nicoll is an Angular Developer Advocate for KUI and a Google Developer Expert for Angular. Her two degrees (Web Design & Development and Psychology) feed her speaking career. She has spoken at over 30 conferences Internationally. She streams weekly on the Angular Air podcast and Twitch CodeItLive channel. She enjoys gaming, scuba diving, and has a little one that fondly goes by "Mr. Milks".
Host Twitter: @AlyssaNicoll


In this workshop, we'll be building a store for a fictional board game company called "The Board Game Hoard".

- We're going to be using Nx and some of its plugins to accelerate the development of this app. Some of the things you'll learn:
- Generating a pristine Nx workspace
- Generating frontend React apps and backend APIs inside your workspace, with pre-configured proxies
- Creating shared libs for re-using code
- Generating new routed components with all the lazily loaded routes pre-configured by Nx and ready to go
- How to organize code in a monorepo
- Easily move libs around your folder structure
- Creating Storybook stories and e2e Cypress tests for your components
- How to set boundaries between the different scopes in your project
- Write automated source code generators for common tasks in your workspace
- Set-up CI for your Pull Requests
- Add distributed caching
- Set up the NxCloud GitHub integration
- Write advanced deployment targets using the run-commands executor
- Set up Continuous Deployment systems that deploy only the affected projects

To help you understand how to apply some of these lessons in your own projects, we'll try to build a more "real-world" example. However, because of the time constraints and to make sure we get to cover as much material as possible, we'll provide you with all the code for any "non-Nx" work you need to do (like styling and configuring routes) - so you can focus on learning to use Nx to its full potential.

Instructor Bio: Zack DeRose is a Senior Engineer at Nrwl Technologies and a Google Developer Expert, with a passion for building awesome things, simplicity, and sharing knowledge.


When building mobile apps, developers often face dozens of choices to figure out just how they should build their app. Should they go fully native? What about cross platform? Should they use React Native? What about Flutter?

In this workshop, we'll look at building a cross platform app with Capacitor and Ionic. Based on web technologies that you already know, we'll look at how you can take your existing skills and build an amazing app with just HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. When the structure of our app is done, we'll add Capacitor to the mix and integrate native functionality for iOS, Android, and even the Web.

Instructor: Mike Hartington, Senior Developer Advocate, Ionic
Twitter @mhartington


Our career fair is a unique experience with connection at its core. As an attendee, you can expect to connect with companies like CallRail, Nrwl, Progress, Microsoft, Mailchimp, Webflow, Lob, Rightpoint and Cloudinary that have a focus on diversity, equity & inclusion and have an opportunity to talk directly to company representatives in their virtual booth. Prior to the career fair, you will be invited to upload your resume, which will be made available to our sponsors.


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