JCONF 2024 Sept. 24th – 26th, 2024

A community dev conference is coming to Dallas! September 24-26, 2024. Java · Cloud · JVM Languages · Big Data

Courtyard by Marriott Dallas Allen at the Event Center
210 E Stacy Rd, Allen, TX 75002

Sept. 24th – 26th, 2024
Begin: 09:00
End: 17:00
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DEEP, DISH. JAVA. Early Bird Individual 2-day Conference Pass (DOES NOT INCLUDE WORKSHOP). Only 100 are available at this price!

$595.00 $395.00


LONE. STAR. JAVA. Early Bird 3-day Conference Pass. The ticket price includes the workshops on Sept 24, the Conference on Sept 25-26, 2024, breakfast, lunch, and snacks/beverages on all three days.

Full Day Training Workshops

  • AI-Driven Development: Enhancing Java with the latest AI Innovations
  • Architectural Design Patterns Deep Dive
  • Cruising Along with Java: Making Use of the Modern Features
  • Spring Boot 3
  • Fundamentals of Migration Engineering with OpenRewrite



    Writing code is easy; writing good quality, maintainable code takes effort. We all have read about creating good quality code, but it's often a constant struggle for individuals and teams to apply daily. However, it's tough to be agile if the code quality is poor. With increasing pressure to deliver software faster, better quality code can help us towards sustainable agile development. In this workshop, we will dive into ways individuals and teams can help improve the quality of code to create code that is easier to understand, more maintainable, testable, and delivers faster. Learn from hands-on practical code exercises to help practice the concepts we discuss.

    $1,095.00 $795.00

    Spring Boot 3 is the new major revision of Spring Boot. In this workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of the new features available in the Spring portfolio and application observability, mainly with Micrometers. We will cover the latest Spring Framework 6, Spring Boot 3, and Micrometer developments. You will apply these fundamentals to realistic scenarios in sample applications where observability is crucial. You will learn how to Migrate from Boot 2. x to 3, what new features are available, how to use the new AOT and GraalVM native-image support, how to effectively handle errors, how to integrate applications over HTTP via the new Interface Clients, how to avoid common issues, how to make these apps observable, what observability signals to watch, and how to integrate metrics with distributed tracing and logs. This workshop is for people who want to learn about Spring Boot 3, Spring Framework 6, and observability. What new tools do they use, and how do they use them with the applications they write so they can face the cruel world of production?

    $1,095.00 $795.00

    In this day-long work workshop, we will review a catalog of all the standard architectural design patterns. For each design pattern, we will run docker-compose files that demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of those design patterns. So, you have a first-hand, full-on, and highly engaged full-day workshop to give you the knowledge you need to make critical architectural choices. All labs and examples will be using docker-compose. The examples that we will be focusing on in this intensive workshop include: * Hexagonal Architecture * Domain Driven Design * Circuit Breaker * Retry * Bulkhead * Ambassador * Event Sourcing * Competing Consumers * Claim Check * Materialized Views * CQRS (Command-Query Responsibility Segregation) * Strangler Fig * Gatekeeper * Valet Key * Saga Pattern * Data Mesh.

    $1,095.00 $795.00

    This hands-on workshop will dive deep into how to build and maintain a Java codebase using AI. I'll share insights and experience on how to work with AI when creating, updating, and deploying Java applications. Whether you're an experienced developer looking to broaden your horizons or just curious about the latest in AI, this session will engage and inspire you.

    $1,095.00 $795.00

    How adaptable is your technology stack to changes in business requirements, technological advancements, and the availability of new and better tools (and avoiding vendor lock-in!)? When you can more easily secure, upgrade, move, or modernize your code, that means you can adapt quickly and efficiently to changes in technology and markets. That’s what Migration Engineering is all about, which we’ll be exploring in this workshop.

    We’ll discuss and demonstrate how to write custom recipes using OpenRewrite, an open source auto-refactoring tool, to study and analyze your code before planning migration and modernization efforts—and then automate code changes for your teams. You’ll also learn to write recipes that will automate code search and transformation actions custom to your organization. We will assemble these recipes with the visitor pattern, show how to stitch recipes together with YAML, with Refaster-style templates, with Semgrep matchers, etc.

    This is a comprehensive look at all kinds of recipe development. You will be fully equipped to plan and exercise large-scale code transformations in your organization.

    $1,095.00 $795.00

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