JCONF.DEV 2021 Dec. 8th – 10th, 2021

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A community Java conference is coming to Chicago! December 8-10, 2021
Java · Cloud · JVM Languages · Big Data

Isadore and Sadie Dorin Forum
725 West Roosevelt Rd, MC 126,
Chicago, Illinois 60608

Dec. 8th – 10th, 2021
Begin: 09:00
End: 17:00
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Super Early Bird Individual 2-day Conference Pass (DOES NOT INCLUDE WORKSHOP)

Only 100 available at this price!

$795.00 $395.00


JCONF.DEV provides a great atmosphere for a conversation on all things Web Dev. This ticket is for a 3-day conference with one full day of workshops and two days of sessions. Ticket price includes the workshops on December 8, Conference December 8 - 10, breakfast, lunch, and snacks/beverages on all 3 days

  • Cloud Native Java
  • Java 17
  • Kotlin
  • Kubernetes
  • DevOps Tools for java Developers

Recently released JDK17 is the newest version of Java. With it being an LTS version as well, it’s set to become a widely used version of Java. So what has been happening in the world of Java if you are still on JDK11 or even JDK8? Well, that’s where this workshop comes in.

In this workshop we will cover the key changes that have been introduced to Java over the past several years;
Pattern Matching
And the many runtime enhancements and improvements
And we will see how to migrate applications to using JDK17 and take advantage of these new features.

If you have been excited by all the new changes coming to Java over the past few years, or just a bit behind and wanting to catch up, this workshop is for you!

$1,195.00 $745.00

Learn the basic syntax and semantics for the Kotlin programming language. Kotlin is an alternative JVM language that provides null safety, static typing, and powerful IDE support. This workshop will give you the chance to code in Kotlin, highlighting its similarities and differences from Java, how to use functional programming skills, work with collections, access restful web services, and more.

$1,195.00 $745.00

In this workshop, we'll look at how to build cloud-native applications that are destined for production. A cloud native application is: elastic, agile, observable, robust. In this workshop we'll cover:
Spring Boot Basics
Reactive Programming
Data Access
.... and much more!

$1,195.00 $745.00

This is an intro to the intermediate level on Kubernetes. We'll start with some concepts for Kube, and do some hands-on work with kubectl to get you familiar with deploying a Java app to a Kube cluster. From there we'll cover more advanced topics such as scaling, configuring deployments, and more.

$1,195.00 $745.00

Do you have a private project, an open-source tool, or want to do a POC? Do you already have the idea in mind and you wish to get started? Are you looking for a suitable environment so that you get the best possible support for your development? JFrog offers you just the right tools for this and access to the JFrog Platform is free! With Artifactory, Xray, and more, a complete DevSecOps environment is at your disposal.

In this workshop, I will show you the individual components step by step and help you set them up for your project. This workshop is divided into several parts, and each deals with a specific section of the development. In the basic module, we will set up a Java project based on maven consisting of one module so that you can get started.

$1,195.00 $745.00

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